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    Places to go with the kids – The Live Concert

    If you’re a new parent, or you’re looking for events for the family while you’re on vacation you may be wondering when the right time is to bring your kid to their first live concert. Some parents wont understand why you would want to, but my husband and I are avid concert goers and love sharing our passion for music with our little man. Every time I see someone with a kid at a concert I ask the parents how old the child is, and I let them know how awesome I think it is that they brought their kid! It’s a brave thing to do, truly. My son had…

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    Restaurants with The Kids

    This guide is for those of us with children who aren’t perfectly prim and proper, so, that’s basically everyone, right? Enjoying restaurants with the kids is a wonderful way to experience your chosen travel destination. It is arguably one of the best ways to experience another culture, heck, even if you’re only popping over to the next state or province they probably have local favorites that are different from yours. For example, living in the US in New Hampshire, I’m bordered by multiple states. In Maine you can’t turn around without running into the world’s best lobster roll. Massachusetts is so proud of their Boston Baked Beans that the city…

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    Things For Kids To Do On A Plane

    So you’ve managed to make it through the airport, and you’ve boarded the plane, congrats! If you haven’t seen my tips for getting through the airport and take-off with ease check out my article here How To Travel With The Kids – Airport & Take-Off Now, that you’re on your way, there are so many things that kids can do to occupy their time on a long trip. Whether you’re looking for things for kids to do on a plane, or entertaining kids on a road trip. I’ve narrowed this list down to some of my favorites, try these and I’m sure your kids will remember how fun it was…