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    Family Vacations With The Kids – Why Are They Important?

    More Americans will travel in the year 2019 CNYCentral reported yesterday that “According to AAA, nearly 100 million Americans will go on a family vacation this year. That number is slightly up from last year,” So, with all this traveling we’ll be doing, and as much of an undertaking as it can sometimes be, here are some reasons that taking family vacations with the kids is a delightful, inspiring experience. Introducing the kids to new things Traveling is a valuable learning tool, children have curious minds and their capacity for absorbing new information when young is so much greater than it will be as an adult. I’m certainly not a…

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    Things For Kids To Do On A Plane

    So you’ve managed to make it through the airport, and you’ve boarded the plane, congrats! If you haven’t seen my tips for getting through the airport and take-off with ease check out my article here How To Travel With The Kids – Airport & Take-Off Now, that you’re on your way, there are so many things that kids can do to occupy their time on a long trip. Whether you’re looking for things for kids to do on a plane, or entertaining kids on a road trip. I’ve narrowed this list down to some of my favorites, try these and I’m sure your kids will remember how fun it was…

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    How To Travel With The Kids – Airport & Take-Off

    You decide to go on vacation with your family, you think of where to stay, the amenities offered, activities, landmarks to hit, events to attend, the mind swirls with so many possibilities! You make lists, pick and choose activities leaving some scheduled time for spontaneity (oh the irony!). Planning guru that you are you’ve totally prepared for all the things you’ll do and see. While I can tell you are for sure going to knock this vacation out of the park, getting there (and back) is typically the most nerve-wracking part when you’re contemplating how to travel with the kids. Here are some tips to make getting through the airport…