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Family Vacations With The Kids – Why Are They Important?

More Americans will travel in the year 2019

CNYCentral reported yesterday that “According to AAA, nearly 100 million Americans will go on a family vacation this year. That number is slightly up from last year,” So, with all this traveling we’ll be doing, and as much of an undertaking as it can sometimes be, here are some reasons that taking family vacations with the kids is a delightful, inspiring experience.

Introducing the kids to new things

Traveling is a valuable learning tool, children have curious minds and their capacity for absorbing new information when young is so much greater than it will be as an adult. I’m certainly not a scientist, but I read somewhere that the prefrontal cortex in children is less developed, and that is part of the reason they do not see things the way that we do. We see a stick as a stick where a child sees a stick as a sword, a wand, a hammer, this less developed prefrontal cortex is what makes them so much more creative. You can feed this creativity and thirst for adventure by showing them as much as you can of the world now, and you may even ignite a lifelong passion that may otherwise have laid dormant.

Routines & Shaking Things Up

As parents, we hear from the moment our children are born about how important it is for our children to have their daily routines. Children find comfort in daily routines as it creates a sense of stability in their lives. While you are on vacation, it will help your child greatly to try to stick to some of your routines; the big ones like bedtime routines, even if the time they go to bed is later you can still read a book or sing or whatever it is that you would typically do.

If your child typically naps and you’re not able to have them take a nap (and they may not anyway because vacations are exciting!) make sure that at that time of day, you find a quiet place to rest and reboot. It’ll help them and hopefully save you from over stimulation induced tantrums.

Retaining New Information.

Children experiencing the world for themselves is an important aspect of growing up. Think of the last historical landmark you visited, I bet you learned and retained so much more by being there than you ever would have reading about it in a textbook or having someone tell you about it in a classroom. Children, as well as adults, can learn more about nature, history, and architecture by viewing the world uniquely, which is exactly what happens when you break out of your normal life and explore the extraordinary world around you.

Just like date nights are imperative for the health of a successful coupling, group excursions are important for families. Having a partnership with another human being can become very business-like. You know the tasks that must be completed and you share the same types of information with each other every day, everyone needs a break from that right?

For children every day they’re told when to pick up their toys, how to act at the table, don’t forget this, please do that…they need a break too.

Breaking out of your bubble can be as refreshing for them as it is for you. Allowing your child some time to explore at their own pace and they’ll cherish fond memories of your family vacations for a lifetime.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article, I really hope you enjoyed it. Do you have anything to add? If you do have something to add, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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