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Places to go with the kids – The Live Concert

If you’re a new parent, or you’re looking for events for the family while you’re on vacation you may be wondering when the right time is to bring your kid to their first live concert. Some parents wont understand why you would want to, but my husband and I are avid concert goers and love sharing our passion for music with our little man. Every time I see someone with a kid at a concert I ask the parents how old the child is, and I let them know how awesome I think it is that they brought their kid! It’s a brave thing to do, truly. My son had been to several concerts before he was even born – I realize that doesn’t really count but – it just goes to show how much my husband and I LOVE music and events. Figuring out which events are appropriate is something we discuss every concert season. When you’re looking for places to go with the kids I think a live concert can be a great choice, here are 7 tips for choosing the right event.

#7 The Right Venue

There are great options out there that you can enjoy as much as your kids. My favorite option is searching for a lower cost concert at a local park. Near where I live there’s a park that’s constantly hosting events, concerts, community theater groups or even playing movies either for a low cost or sometimes even just for donations.

The first events we brought our little guy to were in a park but bringing our son to see Iron & Wine when he was only a year old was not the most relaxing event, and won’t we’re talking Iron & Wine here, those are some super mellow tunes.

#6 Pack Lightly

When we saw Iron & Wine we brought way too much stuff, we bought seats for that event and the stroller didn’t fit where we were sitting so we were trying to unload all our stuff, stash the stroller somewhere while we were at this tiny table…we were a disaster. Our son had fun though, and for all the headache it was a good learning experience. If your kid is young, there’s this temptation to bring along everything they could ever possibly need, don’t do it!

#5 Use a carrier, not a stroller…Baby Mom Carrier Backpack

…and bring a mini travel blanket – it’s nice to have a place for your little one to sit or play, especially if they’re not strong walkers yet.



We always had a variety of carriers for different situations, I did a little digging and found the backpack carrier I wish we had back then. This carrier is reasonably priced, has great reviews and the weather guard seems is a feature I would have loved to have (especially when we were in Seattle!).

#4 Stay in the back of the pack

If you think there’s a good chance you’re going to be moving around a lot (and you probably are) or that your kids might cause a disturbance, stay out of the main part of the crowd, depending on the concert this is also important for safety. No one at a concert is going to be expecting to have kids underfoot.

#3 You may have to leave early

Make peace with the fact that you may have to leave early. This depends on your child, the time of day you’re going to the concert, lots of things. I met a man when my husband and I went to see Twenty One Pilots who had his 4-year-old with him. I was quite surprised to see a kid so young at such a late concert, but when I spoke to the man, he shrugged and said he brings his kid all the time, they just never stay the whole show. Personally, I felt like there’s no way I’d pay money to bring my kid to an arena show knowing we couldn’t stay the whole time. Though when the time comes, if there’s an amphitheater show (with lawn seating) I’d gladly pay the cheaper tickets and go sit back on the lawn.

I’m not there yet though, still giving my kid a few more years.

#2 Exposure…

Realize what your kid may be exposed to, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve moved while attending a concert due to people smoking all manner of things near me; this is why I highly suggest an outdoor venue with some “general” lawn seating so your kids can still move around & play if you’re not in the middle of the crowd you can move as needed.

I will say that bringing my son to see music now is so much more fun than when he was a year old, now he’ll find other kids and they form their own little dance parties and it’s really great fun!

Lastly, the most important thing of all:

#1 Don’t Forget Hearing Protection!

I highly recommend getting your child hearing protection, not only if you’re going to a concert but it’s just generally a good idea. When my son was an infant we used to put the ear muffs on him when we went bowling, we used them on long car rides so we could listen to music while he was sleeping. We’d throw them on if he was sleeping and we were out in public anywhere really. I’m going to link the same ones we have been using for the past 3 years>> here<<, they are cheap and awesome, they have fit my son (shown in picture below) from when he was an infant to now at 3 years old, I’m sure they will fit for many years to come.

I hope these tips help you when bringing your child to their first concert, if you have any tips of your own please leave a comment, I’d love to hear them!


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