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Travel Toddler Stroller Review

This toddler stroller folds so small that I had to try my hand at writing my first ever product review.  I’m really excited to have found this so I hope it helps my readers out there too!

It fits in a tote bag!

Having a stroller that folds up and fits into a tote bag is such an amazing thing to have on hand, especially if you’re going to be on a trip where you’ll be alternating walking around and using public transportation. If your child is an infant, a carrier is definitely the way to go, but for those toting tots, a stroller is a necessary item.

Adjustable Seat

My favorite feature and an absolute must-have in any stroller is having the seat recline feature.  I want to be able to recline the back when my son needs a nap and sit him up when he wants to watch the world.  I did notice someone in the reviews mentioned they liked a similar model by baby trend better, but when I checked it out I saw it didn’t fold up nearly so small which for me is the entire point.  Definitely take a look around and decide for yourself, of course.


  • Reliable brakes
  • Folds up to the size of a tote bag for easy storage/carry
  • Lightweight @ only 16lbs


  • The small compartment underneath is not good for storing much
  • Not as much padding/comfort as a traditional stroller

I hope this helps to set you on a path to finding the right stroller for your trip or just in general.  I was excited to find that a toddler stroller like this even exists!  Having a stroller that’s not so cumbersome is such a wonderful luxury to have, especially when you’re on vacation and out of your element.

This is not a sponsored post, I simply wanted to share this awesome find with you.

If you have suggestions of strollers you brought on vacation and absolutely loved, please leave your recommendations in the comments below, thank you!


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